There are many planets in this series. Among these planets are:

Bathyos: A water planet.
Beta Bayou: A bottom-feeder hunter that Rentwhistle Swack rendezvous with is from this planet.
Binipinardia: A planet that contained a devolution gas.
Canis Lunis: A planet where Ty Parsec was turned into Wirewolf by NOS-4-A2. The name derives from the Latin words for "canine" and "moon."
Capital Planet: The Galactic Alliance members meet here.
Gargantia: A planet inhabited by tiny aliens.
Jo-Ad: An agricultural planet which is Booster's home planet.
Karn: A planet that serves as a creature reserve. Dr. Ozma Furbanna works here.
LGM Homeworld: The home planet of the LGMs. The Unimind is located here.
Mahamba 6: A resort planet.
North Polaris: Santa Claus's planet, populated by "Elf-G-M"s. The galaxy's version of the North Pole.
Olur 5: Zurg used this planet to hatch the Millennial Bugs in one of his plans to attack Capital Planet.
PC-7: A prison planet.
Planet of Widows and Orphans:
Planet X: A somewhat desert-like planet with no name or life. Home of an ancient city and the temple containing Natron.
Planet Z: Zurg's planet where his home base is located.
Porcelon: A planet where it's inhabitants look like large toilets.
Raenok: The Raenok's self-titled planet.
Rexon 5:
Rhizome: A vegetation planet which is Professor Triffid's home world.
Roswell: A planet similar to Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The inhabitants of Roswell are ironically depicted as the stereotypical "little green men" popularized by much of sci-fi. They can also be described as Greys. An incident happens there, somewhat like the real Roswell incident, but with humans (including Buzz Lightyear) instead of Greys and Greys instead of humans, including Greys acting like USA police and GI's.
Sands de Solay: A resort moon. Destroyed by an out-of-control freight ship.
Sentilla 6: A stormy planet with lava rivers.
Shragorak: Senator Aarrfvox's home planet.
Sitka 7: A ski resort planet
Tangea: Mira's home planet, inhabited by two races, the Tangean Royals and Grounders. The name is based on the Royals' ability to become intangible
Trade World: A commercial-oriented world where lesser bad guys hang out.
Verdentia: A peaceful planet.